British Open Tai Chi Competition 2016

The Kam Lau School of Tai Chi Chuan from Liverpool took part today at the British Open Tai Chi Competition in Oxford. We took a competing team of 4 people consisting of David Delahunty, Debbie McCall, Laurel Lau and Mike Osbourne.

We focused our training for the Push Hands competition (fixed step and moving step) and our team came back home with 3 silvers and 2 bronze medals! (Gold next time!!!)

We would like to give a special mention to Debbie who made her debut today and came back with 2 bronze medals against very tough opponents!! We are very proud of her!!

Special thanks to everyone who not only took part and represented our School this year but also to the people who took the time and effort to come down and support us!! Thank you and let's continue improving together!!