Chen Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) instructor training course in the UK in 2020

Coronavirus Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances with the coronavirus situation, this training course will be or has been suspended until further notice.


Has your Tai Chi journey reached an impasse?

If you have been training Tai Chi for many years but are still baffled/confused with the text meaning of :-

1. Externally soft but internally hard (sometimes described as steel wrapped in cotton wool)
2. Firmness within softness or
3. The rather interesting topic of Tai Chi power Peng Jin. The Peng Jin we refer to here is the mysterious "Spring-like"/Elastic Internal Power [神秘的彈簧勁內勁 (掤勁)] and NOT to be mistaken of either the "namesake" Peng Jin (the ward off technique in pushing hands!) or the so called "chi power" that many people are making fun of!

The purpose of the training course

(especially for those who had martial art in mind)

The course is open to those who wish to learn Chen style Tai Chi for health and those who are very keen to learn it as a martial art system. Most of all, we hope to pass on genuine Tai Chi knowledge to potential instructors.

What would you learn

You will be taught the correct posture of Zhan Zhuang (standing posture or standing like a post technique), basic silk reeling exercise and the whole of the Chen style 19 Form (it has 19 movements) with applications. During the workshop we will explain and demonstrate what we said above regarding the spring-like/elastic internal power of Tai Chi, feeling it hands on will give the practitioner a better understanding/insight of this kind of strength.

Here is a brief description of Peng Jin:

Q. What is the advantage of developing Peng-Jin?

A. Apart from building an individual's confidence the power of Peng-Jin can be used to absorb and/or control an opponent's brute force, thus improving ones ability to defend oneself and/or overcome the opponent.

Q. Does the development of Peng-Jin make Tai Chi a superior or invincible martial art?

A. The answer is No! There is no such thing as an invincible martial art system (who would wish to train and study a lesser form?!?!). Regardless of the martial art system, be it Tai Chi, Yi Chuan, Kung Fu, Karate etc ... the individual's level or skill factor depends upon his/her ability and understanding of his/her chosen martial art. However the development/possession of Peng-Jin is an advantage.

Course Fees/Dates/Times

The instructor course will take place over the weekend. The fee for the 2 day course is £150. It can be paid by cheque or bank transfer.

Venue : Edge Hill Youth and Community Cente, 79 Durning Road, Edge Hill, Liverpool L7 5ND

Date : 6th - 7th June

Time : 10am – 5.30pm (with a lunch break during 1pm - 2.30pm)

To reserve a place, please contact us by email at your earliest convenience.