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Tai Chi Restart

Hello everyone,

This month we have some great news – our first classes are able to restart!

Thank you all for your support and your patience while Tai Chi classes have been online-only. I am pleased to let you know we have now restarted classes at:

  • Tuesday evening - Ditton Community Centre (Widnes)
  • Tuesday afternoon - St. Columba's Church Hall (Chester)
  • Thursday morning - YMCA (St Helens)
  • Thursday evening - St Columbus Church Hall (Chester)
  • Saturday morning - Edge Hill Youth Club (Liverpool)

Understandably, many other venues still want to be extra-cautious before re-opening. So, from August, you are welcome to enrol or continue with monthly subscriptions (£10 per section) to video lessons. Drop us an email to arrange.

Of course, as classes resume, it is still vitally important that we look after each others’ safety, and I want to reassure you that your health and wellbeing remains the School’s highest priority.

For that reason, we strongly advise all students to follow the advice below:

  • Attend ONLY if you are free of Covid-19 symptoms
  • Let us know that you are coming along, so we can manage numbers
  • Travel to the venue by private transport where possible
  • Bring a personal supply of hand sanitiser, or use the venue’s, where provided
  • Maintain a safe personal separation at all times
  • Practice in side-by-side (rather than face-to-face) groups
  • Feel free to wear a face covering if preferred, though it’s not mandatory
  • Reduce the number of people you have contact with by working in assigned sub-groups (so we will each work with only a few others)
  • Remember to wash your hands thoroughly as appropriate
  • Enter & leave the premises singly & patiently, maintaining safe distance.

You will understand, of course, that insurance against Covid-related risks is unavailable, so the decision to attend has to be at your own risk and discretion.

For those who plan to attend classes, it is vitally important that we all adhere to the above advice, and get back to enjoying our Tai Chi! I’ll look forward to welcoming you back to classes very soon.

Yours sincerely,


Tai Chi Online (for students) - Lockdown Lessons Update

Our online video course(s) are now ready to subscribe to.

The first release of the following lessons will be on 1st May 2020:

  • Yang short form
  • Chen 19 movement form
  • Chen 38 movement form
  • Yang long form part 1
  • Chen straight sword part 1
  • Chair-based Tai Chi/Chi Kung exercise

We would like to thank everyone for their interest and feedback on the school's video lessons.

Just to make it clear how access to the online lessons work:

Payments are due on the 1st of each calendar month.

Unlimited viewing time: You are free to view as often as you wish during the course of the month, on any days you choose. It is up to you how often you feel able to study.

If you join in the middle of a month, the payment due is still £15 per section, and your access lasts until the end of that calendar month. Please be aware that your password will expire at noon on the last day of that calendar month.

This helps to keep administration simple, which in turn means we can keep your costs down.

At the end of the month, you can renew your subscription, choosing either to continue working on the same section, or move onto the next section of the form with your next monthly payment.

Please confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the School's Disclaimer in your email before requesting to join.

To join, please contact the school.

Coronavirus Update

We will inform all our students when our classes are to be resumed or suspended, as advised by the government. If you are unsure of whether our classes are currently resumed or suspended, please contact the school.

Tai Chi instructor training course in in 2020

Due to coronavirus, the Tai Chi training course below will not and has not taken place, and will be rescheduled in the near future.

The Kam Lau School of Tai Chi Chuan will be hosting a 2 day training course in Liverpool in 2020 for students interested in learning genuine Tai Chi knowledge. During the 2 days we will teach you the correct posture of the Zhan Zhuang (standing posture), basic silk reeling exercise and the whole of the Chen style 19 form and its applications. During this training course workshop we will also explain and demonstrate the elastic power of Peng Jin. Click here for more information about this Tai Chi instructor training course.

2020 Beginner Tai Chi Classes

Intake of beginners is usually accepted at the beginning week of each term (unless otherwise stated)

To reserve a place or to enquire about joining any of these beginner classes, please contact us here.

We are accepting new beginner Tai Chi students for the classes below. We do not offer pay-as-you-go or drop-in sessions. To try a class, you will be required to pay for 4 consecutive taster sessions in advance and the price for each class is different. Please do not just turn up to any of our classes in person and expect to join right away!

Here are the dates and costs for the next intake of beginners class for 2020. We recommend you enquire as early as possible as places fill up very quickly. To register for the 4 taster sessions, please contact us here.

Day / Date




Every Saturday

10am - 11am


Every Tuesday

12pm - 1pm


Every Tuesday
(Chair-based Tai Chi)

12pm - 1pm

Edge Lane / Liverpool
Oakvale Church

(Pay As You Go)

From 7th April

2pm - 3pm


From 2nd July

7.45pm - 8.45pm


Please note that we do not offer pay-as-you-go or drop-in sessions (except where otherwise stated). Also, only cash and cheque payments are accepted. We do not accept credit/debit card payments.

Advice - If you have any health issues, please consult your GP before joining our classes

Terms & conditions

  • All courses run in consecutive weeks (except Bank Holidays).
  • Course and membership fees are non-refundable.
  • If we have to cancel a lesson(s), then the fee for that particular lesson(s) will be carried forward to the next term.
  • Course tutors may be substituted due to holidays, illness and other commitments.