Student testimonials

I have done Tai Chi with Kam for over 10 years and found him to be an excellent teacher who you can have a laugh with and makes the classes fun as well as good for you. - Margaret W

Really enjoyable! Attended for 6 months now. I was made very welcome from the very first session. I was advised to take up Tai Chi after having a heart attack as a relaxing form of exercise. It's good for developing strength, balance and above all good fun. Kam, as the teacher is patient and calm. My fellow students are supportive and above all very friendly. - Pat S

I have been a member of the school for 7 years. I have enjoyed every moment of every class. It is very good in improving flexibility and balance. Tai Chi is the best exercise as it does this without putting any strain on your body. It also gives you a sense of wellbeing. My advice for beginners is to go to classes for at least 3 months and remember that it is harder than it looks, but is one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done. - Irene G

Tai Chi class requires focused concentration to execute precise sequences which exercises both mind and body, helping me to attain a general feeling of wellbeing. Chi Kung routines provide gentle exercise which helps to maintain supple joints and good balance. Carrying out these movements also helps to sharpen my co-ordination and memory. A particular benefit for me is to help to develop good balance. - Margaret H