Chan Si Gong & Standing Posture Meditation

Chan Si Gong 纒絲功 (Silk Reeling Energy Exercise) and Standing Posture Meditation 站庒

The goal for standing posture is to help practitioners to learn and understand how to apply correct posture in a standstill position. Once correct posture is attained, the vital energy “CHI” will flow to and release from the dantien more freely (the dantien is the acupuncture point below the navel).

Silk reeling exercise is considered to be the alphabet of Tai Chi. It is designed and practised by applying basic principles to basic movements. By using the “YI” (mind) and movements, we learn how to control, circulate the “CHI” to and from the dantien thus raise one’s own standard and the understanding of Tai Chi Chuan, especially for self defense applications.