Self Defence & Tai Chi application classes

Tai Chi is regarded as one of the most well known Kung Fu (martial art) systems in China. It is renowned for using soft and/or powerful inner strength to combat direct (hard) powerful muscular strength. The most popular quotation for this art is "4 ounces to deflect 1000 pounds force" - basically meaning minimum effort to overcome formidable forces.

In order for Tai Chi practitioners to progress to a higher level of the art of Tai Chi, studying self-defence is a necessity. By learning the art of self-defence applications and pushing hands the individual can appreciate the concept, theory and meaning of "soft to overcome hard", "hollow and solid", "opening and closing" but most importantly the body posture in relation to "double weightedness" in Tai Chi.

Tai Chi self defence class syllabus

  • Self-defence applications
  • Fixed step, moving step and competition push hands
  • Fa Jin (release of explosive power) [Demo]
  • Peng Jin, the development of Tai Chi internal power [Demo]

Please note this class is only available to students who have learnt the hand form with the school for at least 12 months.


Ditton Community Centre
Dundalk Road
Widnes WA8 8DF
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Tuesday: 7.30pm - 9.15pm (self defence)


Please note that this is a self-defence and Tai Chi applications class. This class is open to members of the school who have learnt the hand form with us for at least 12 months. Find more Tai Chi classes in Widnes.