Beginner Tai Chi classes

The school runs in 6 blocks a year

  • January - February
  • March - April
  • May - June
  • July - August
  • September - October
  • November - December

All of our classes run right through the year, except Christmas and Bank Holidays. The payment method for every class is collected every 2 months (or quarterly term at the discretion of the instructors).

Instead of charging students for the whole block or term, participants are welcome to try out 4 taster lessons prior to full block/term commitment. The cost for the 4 consecutive week taster lessons is typically charged at around £20-£24 (again depending on the venue/instructor). Please check with the instructor before attending. There are some exceptions such as the self-defence class because of longer class duration.

So, after your initial 4 consecutive week taster session, the remainder of the current block/term becomes due as a single payment.

Please note only cash and cheque payments are accepted. We do not accept credit/debit card payments.

Annual membership fee: £16 (payable after the initial 4 taster sessions)

Benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Tai Chi is suitable for all age groups and can be tailored for each individual's capability to improve balance, co-ordination and concentration. It also reduces stress and benefits people suffering with joint problems, back pain, asthma, ME or high blood pressure. As Tai Chi is a weight bearing exercise, it is claimed that it can help and delay the on-set of osteoporosis (brittle bone disease), a valuable consideration for women of all ages.

The exercises train the body's muscles and bones to be more resilient. It also trains the joints to be more flexible while the integrated Chi Kung (Qi Gong) stimulates the natural breathing process by exercising the lungs and maximising their efficiency in oxygenating the blood, which in turn feeds the body's organs and increases their ability to function.

In short, Tai Chi has the efficacy of treating chronic ailments by building up one's health and bring longevity. It is an exercise for the whole body and it trains both the mind and the body.

The effectiveness of all training routines is dependent on the individuals current fitness level, how often they train, and various other factors. However, the general concept/requirement of both Tai Chi and Chi Kung is that it commands commitment and dedication (perseverance) to get the best from it.

Advice - Don't expect too much too soon!

What do you learn in class?

  • Warm-up and stretching
  • Chi Kung (Qi Gong) exercise
  • The Tai Chi Hand Form

The main element in Tai Chi is called the Hand Form (a series of movements linked together in sequence). This is by far the most challenging part of training, because we need to gradually develop good co-ordination of the hands and feet to complete sections of the Form. If you are new to this type of exercise, you may find it takes quite some time to learn the moves, but after many repetitions, it will come naturally. Don't worry if it still seems complicated after the initial taster sessions because there is no pressure to advance to the next stage - progress is at each student's preferred pace.


Intake of beginners is usually accepted at the beginning week of each term (unless otherwise stated)

To reserve a place or to enquire about joining any of these beginner classes, please contact us here.

We are accepting new beginner Tai Chi students for the classes below. We do not offer pay-as-you-go or drop-in sessions. To try a class, you will be required to pay for 4 consecutive taster sessions in advance and the price for each class is different. Please do not just turn up to any of our classes in person and expect to join right away!

Here are the dates and costs for the next intake of beginners class for 2020. We recommend you enquire as early as possible as places fill up very quickly. To register for the 4 taster sessions, please contact us here.

Day / Date




Starting September
Every Wednesday

10am - 11.30am


Starting September
Every Monday

8pm - 9.30pm


Starting September
Every Wednesday

8pm - 9pm


Every Monday

7pm - 8pm


Every Wednesday
(Chen-style Tai Chi)

10.15am - 11.15am



Every Saturday

10am - 11am


Every Tuesday
(Chair-based Tai Chi)

12pm - 1pm

Edge Lane / Liverpool
Oakvale Church

(Pay As You Go)

Every Tuesday

2pm - 3pm


Every Thursday

7.45pm - 8.45pm


Please note that we do not offer pay-as-you-go or drop-in sessions (except where otherwise stated). Also, only cash and cheque payments are accepted. We do not accept credit/debit card payments.

Advice - If you have any health issues, please consult your GP before joining our classes

Terms & conditions

  • All courses run in consecutive weeks (except Bank Holidays).
  • Course and membership fees are non-refundable.
  • If we have to cancel a lesson(s), then the fee for that particular lesson(s) will be carried forward to the next term.
  • Course tutors may be substituted due to holidays, illness and other commitments.