Benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Tai Chi is suitable for all age groups and tailored for each individual's capability that can improve balance, co-ordination and concentration while reducing stress and benefitting people suffering with joint problems, asthma or high blood pressure.

These exercises can delay the onset of osteoporosis while many students claim the discipline the art instils has assisted in losing weight.

The exercises train the body's muscles and bones to be more resilient, and joints to be more flexible while the integrated Chi Kung (Qi Gong) stimulates the natural breathing process by exercising the lungs and maximising their efficiency in oxygenating the blood, which in turn feeds the body's organs increasing their ability to function.

The effectiveness of all training routines is dependent on the individuals currect fitness level, how often they train, and various other factors. However, the general concept/requirement of both Tai Chi and Chi Kung is that it commands commitment and dedication (perseverance) to get the best from it.